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Водитель *СЕ* в Ставангере

ищу работу в Ставангере, возможен переезд, 45 000 крон, полная занятость
Kudrjavcevs Vitalijs
Kudrjavcevs Vitalijs 55 лет, Ставангер, высшее образование

Опыт работы

Водитель *СЕ*
12 лет 9 мес May 2007 - Feb 2020
NordRen a/s, Stavanger
12 лет 9 мес May 2007 - Feb 2020

Высшее образование

Даугавпилсское высшее военное авиационное училище, Даугавпилс
Радиоинженер, инженер-электрик
4 года 11 мес Jul 1984 - Jun 1989

Знание языков

Русский - свободно, Английский - базовый

Дополнительная информация

Personal profile
Experienced dustman knowledgeable in removing, collecting and dumping
recyclable materials. Ready to take learned skills, providing customer and personal
services for a private collection service and community. Trained on the latest
policies regarding recycling. Competent in making sure a route is completed on
time, identifying items that are not allowed in municipal garbage lorries and
maintaining the lorries. Specializes in operating the latest in waste management
machinery. Came in Norway in May 2007.
Key skills
• Understands all of the latest waste management vehicle technology
• Adept at identifying items that are illegal for municipal trash pick-up
• Strong understanding of recycling policies
• Experience working in technology recycling centers
• A reliable and dedicated employee
• Good organizational and time management skill for maintaining schedules
• Good with minor mechanical adjustments, repairs and regular vehicle
• Strong background in processes involving municipal garbage and refuse
procedures and policies
• Ability to grasp and carry out written and oral instructions
• Clean driving license since 1987
• Good knowledge of diesel lorries Scania / Volvo and gas lorries Scania /

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