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Dried fruits from Armenia We present to your attention a wide range of organic NON GMO and ecologicaly clean dried fruits from Armenia, corresponding to EAC (Eurasian Confirmity) standards. Our products are saturated with solar energy in Armenia and do not contain artificial additives. We offer you
2 дек 2018
230 $/т EXW
Product Name chinese dried fruit 1 ton black 185 raw thin skin walnut shell Color Light Color size 28mm-33mm package 25kg/30kg origin Xinjiang, China delivery time 7-15days shelf life 12 months
15 фев 2023
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12 - фото 1
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12 - фото 2
+4 фото
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12 - фото 3
92 860 крон/шт EXW
The universal conveyor fryer allows you to fry a wide range of products such as: nuts, chips, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, patties, pies, schnitzels, french fries, snacks and other products - the range of products can be easily expanded with additional modules. In terms of its functions and
7 дек 2023
Is sunflower oil inflammatory
1 €/т
Is sunflower oil inflammatory Is Sunflower Oil Inflammatory? When and How to Use Sunflower Oil Responsibly In our commitment to promoting the well-being of our customers, it's essential to address concerns and questions regarding the potential inflammatory properties of sunflower oil and provide
10 сен 2023
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