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Souces, mayonnaise
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от 21 крон/кг
We make sauce-like products like mayonnaises, flavoured mayonnaises, sauces and marinades from salty to sweet. Since 2017, fully vegan versions of our products are also available. Our packaging sizes range from 30g dip to 1000 kg bag in box. Компания изготавливает майонез разной жирности, имеет в
8 мая 2021
Bottled Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil
1 €/шт
Sunflower oil contains natural waxes which can result in a hazy appearance. These waxes can be removed by a processing step, called winterisation. Similar to fractionation, winterising cools down the oil, allowing it to be filtered to a clear transparent oil. The winterised oil is now ready for
18 мая 2023
Body cream making machine
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Vacuum mixer processing plant for viscuos products is an ideal solution for the production of pilot batches and the industrial manufacturing of a wide range of products from small to medium capacity. With its low cost and versatility in the types of products produced, Mixema Mixer 50 Profi is the
21 авг 2019
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