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опт 1.30 - 2 $/кг
Product: Atlantic Salmon Latin name: Salmo salar Type: Frozen Method: Aquaculture Specifications: Block, bits and pieces Land of origin: Norway Grading: - g Adding: Water Packing: 20 kg Compensated Freezing method: Blockfrozen Expiration date: -
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17 апр 2018
Fresh / Frozen Atlantic Norwegian Salmon Fish
4.50 $/кг  
опт 3.50 - 6 $/кг
We supply both fresh and frozen salmon with various sizes and cuts available. We also market a wide range of value-added salmon products such as smoked salmon fillet, heads and racks. From Norway: With an efficient processing and transportation network, fresh whole Norwegian salmon can reach your
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14 апр 2018
Is sunflower oil inflammatory
1 €/т
Is sunflower oil inflammatory Is Sunflower Oil Inflammatory? When and How to Use Sunflower Oil Responsibly In our commitment to promoting the well-being of our customers, it's essential to address concerns and questions regarding the potential inflammatory properties of sunflower oil and provide
10 сен
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