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Лесопиломатериалы Solid в Осло и Акерсхусе

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Solid oak board grade AB BC CC 100-300 m3/month
Оптовая цена
1 150 - 3 150 €/м.куб.
Good afternoon ! We produce furniture panels from oak (solid oak board). prices from the producer Mixed grade - AB, BC and CC grades. Thickness from 16-50. Volume of production100-300 m3/month Solid oak board, grade A-B material: oak length: maximum 4000mm width: maximum 1000mm thickness:
8 окт 2020
20 €/м.кв. EXW
We are Ukrainian manufacturer of the solid herringbone parquet 15x70/90/120x300/350/420/490/630/720/840/930/960 mm and solid flooring boards 20x120/140/160/180/200x1020-3020 mm from OAK and ASH, are looking customer for this products.
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9 дек 2018
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