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Зерно - пшеница, кукуруза, ячмень, просо, овес, рожь | Grain
Цена по запросу
Grain - wheat, corn, barley, millet, oats, rye in bulk, we sell from Ukraine with delivery to your country. Indicators: Wheat Moisture 12, gluten 24, weediness 0.5, 0.4, and up to 2 Corn Moisture up to 14.5, weed up to 2.5. Quality is better, we are ready to offer. Years 2017, 2018, 2019. You can
26 июн 2021
Oat flakes are whole grain of the highest quality
Оптовая цена
от 540 €/т
The highest quality whole grain oat flakes, Khmelnytskyi region, Ukraine. - packaging of 25 kg. - 540 euros/ton, but it is possible to pack according to your needs. We will be glad to hear your price offer. Prices are indicated on the terms of FCA, Ukraine. The price of delivery is not included in
We sell
Цена по запросу
We sell: amaranth grain, price 1000 euros / ton, confectionery poppy, price 2975 dollars / ton, red and white sorghum, low-protein sunflower cake. We will offer any grain upon your request Продаём: зерно амаранта, цена 1000 евро/тонна, мак кондитерский, цена 2975 долларов/тонна, сорго красное и
20 ноя 2020
Горох желтый колотый (yellow split peas)
252 €/т FCA  
опт от 252 €/т
PE "Ukrprodprom", Chernigov, Ukraine, offers for export products of its own production, guaranteed quality: Yellow Split Peas: - humidity - 14% max; - broken grains - 1% max (sieve pass 2.0); - weed admixture - 0.4% max; - including mineral admixture - 0.05% max; - damaged grains - 1% max; -
21 сен 2020
Цена по запросу
LTD “Agro-Alliance”, founded in 2010, is one of the leading Ukrainian group for exports of grains, oilseeds and their derivatives. We suggest the delivery of all kinds of grains, oilseeds and their derivatives to any place of the world on conditions: CPT, DAP, CIF, FOB, CFR. We are constantly
4 июн 2018
DDGS (Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles ) Corn DDGS 35%
160 $/т
DDGS (Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles ) Corn DDGS is a by-product of the alcohol industry. It is obtained in the production of bioethanol, which is used as a fuel additive. It can also be a partial replacement for soy flour or other protein sources. Soluble Dehydrated Grains (DDGS) are a
18 авг
Pellets A1 6 mm:
8 крон/шт
I will sell fuel pellets A1 6 mm: - wood pellets packaged in big bags or bags at a price of 795 euros per ton with delivery to Norway or self-delivery from Ukraine at a price of 490 euros - pellets from sunflower husks, pellets from grain waste at a price of 645 euros per ton with delivery to
30 окт
Wheat flour best grade FCA europe
0.22 €/кг FCA
Volume - 50000t Delivery type - FCA/DDP/EXW/CIF Wheat flour, produced by LLC "Mulino", has a strong gluten and smoothed particle size distribution and good baking properties. Products made her have a good volume and a fine-developed porosity. Flour from the "Mulino" - light, thin, white with a
29 окт
Wholesale wood pellets with TOP quality
Wholesale wood pellets with TOP quality
Wholesale wood pellets with TOP quality
Wholesale wood pellets with TOP quality
20 крон/шт
Wood pellet Wood pellet is a solid fuel that is produced by crushing and densifying waste timber like sawdust, forestry residues, forestry wastes. The length is 1-4cm and the diameter is generally 6, 8, 10, or 12mm. It is possible to produce 25mm wood pellet at maximum. In Sweden, 6mm wood pellet
1 окт
Basmati rice top grade for sale in all quantities
230 €/т EXW
There are several varieties of basmati rice. Traditional Indian types include basmati 370, basmati 385, and basmati Ranbirsinghpura (R. S. Pura) and Extra Long Grain Rice. Pakistani varieties of basmati rice are PK 385, Super Kernel Basmati Rice and D-98.
+1 объявление
25 авг
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