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Odinov ltd, EM

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Verket 22, 1534 Moss
Verket 22, 1534 Moss
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Деятельность компании

Odinov Ltd is one of the largest producers of pellets from agricultural raw materials in Norway and Europe. The company's key products are feed pellets and bedding for animals, Energy drink, alcohol drink. We use modern German equipment and high-quality raw materials to achieve European quality of finished products.

We offer an environmentally friendly product without any chemical impurities, preservatives or binders. This is evidenced by European certificates.
Here you can find feed pellets – granulated feed from pure alfalfa. We store all natural ingredients that provide high protein and calories and low sugar.
We also offer bedding for different species of animals. You will not find a better ecological replacement for existing flooring than ours. Absorption of moisture and binding of smells is times higher, than at analogs.
According to your order we can make granules from various mixes of raw materials and provide any type of packing.

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Frozen Horse mackerel fish
200 €/т
Odinov ltd, EM, Мосс
Latin Name: Scomber scombrus Family: Scombridae Fishing Location: FAO 27 – North Atlantic Catching Season: February - April Catching Method:...
90 €/т
Odinov ltd, EM, Мосс
Pellet fuel «Wood Pellet» are made from 100% wood without the addition of bark and glue. Finished products are distinguished by a light shade and...
Все объявления: 2
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Odinov ltd, EM Jane Holmes, CEO
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