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Frozen Horse mackerel fish

Frozen Horse mackerel fish
Frozen Horse mackerel fish - photo 1
Posted: 23 May 2021, 04:01 ID: 1680938
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Latin Name: Scomber scombrus

Family: Scombridae

Fishing Location: FAO 27 – North Atlantic

Catching Season: February - April

Catching Method: Long-Lining, Purse seining, Trawling

Freezing Method: Block Frozen, Brine FrozenForms (IQF)
Packing: 20kg Carton Box + Plastic Bag

Form: Whole Round

Size: 16-20cm (7/14 ppk), 20-25cm (5/7 ppk), 25+cm (3/5 ppk)

Fat Content 16% above
Products Whole frozen mackerel, Machine cut mackerel flaps, Headed and gutted mackerel and Machine cut mackerel fillets
Whole Fish Grading Sizes Whole fish grading sizes: 300-500g | 400-600g | >600g (or to customer specification)
Flap and fillet grading sizes: to customer requirements

All natural wild product; consistent supply from clean, cold North Atlantic Ocean; high in Omega-3's; no preservatives; additives, hormones or antibiotics; single frozen quickly; product certification

How many pieces depends on the size of the fish , and ranges from 25 pieces to 50 pieces per box

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